I bought a pair of Thermohair socks 5 years ago from trousdale general store in Sydenham.  After wearing them non-stop and loving them, I went for a new pair, but they were sold out of my size. So, I looked online and found the source!  I didn't realize how local / Canadian they were ... what luck ... awesome new colours by phone ... the service was instant ... a real person answers the phone!!  I ordered a zillion new cozy pairs for my whole family and they arrived 2 (yes 2) days later ... win/win/win for the environment / local Canadian business and me **********

Annie Milne - Kingston, ON - March 5, 2021

I was given a pair of these mohair socks way back in 2004 by Theresa’s brother Ron who has been a good friend and client for many years. At first I thought they would be great for my Mom who always had cold feet.  Therefore I got her a couple of pairs for Christmas. She loved them so much that she would wear them to bed every night. 

I am an avid hiker and canoeist and no matter what season I am doing my activities, I  wear these wonderful soft cushiony warm breathable socks most of the time. They are like the second skin on my feet. My partner is also hooked on these and swears by them.  
 And as a polar travel specialist since 2005, not only have I been super happy to be wearing my Thermohair socks traveling to the Arctic and Antarctica, but I have also referred hundreds of my clients throughout north America to you, and yes they are very happy to have these great socks.  I sometimes bring a pair to give to one of my local guides. What a great present for someone who lives in these extreme climates.
I truly believe in promoting small great local businesses that I use and am very proud to say, that these socks are made right here in Canada. I also have their website link in my own website under my travel gear recommendations. http://www.carolegobeil.ca/media/
I also love your new shades of colors, purple, green, blue. Very fashionable.

 Merci  for producing such a great product. All Canadians should know about these!!

 Carole Gobeil - January 2018.


I just clicked on to your website to see what's available for purchase as Christmas is coming and I know several people who would love a pair of your socks. While I was browsing the web site I popped in to read some of the feedback and came across my comments from 2008. I still have those four pairs of socks and they're just as nice now in 2017 as they were back in 2008. Of course I have several more than four pairs now and still, when it comes to warm socks for fall and winter, nothing I have found measures up to Thermohair. As an archaeologist in BC I have worked in some pretty cold and wet conditions and the socks have provided comfort and warmth. Some for almost a decade. I don't think I have another piece of clothing that has been worn as hard and survived as well. Thank you for keeping my feet happy and warm! Happy Anniversary too!
Kind regards,

Diana Cooper - Victoria, BC - October 2017

My friends and I decided to go exploring with my truck one fine morning in Northern Quebec trails, above the 54th parallel. This was a pleasure drive, so I just put on my ordinary water boots with my Thermohair socks for warmth and comfort. My two other friends had put on their technical hiking boots with high-end trekking socks. None of us expected any problems until my four wheel drive transmission broke and we got stuck.  We had to leave the truck in the bush and walk back a generous twenty three kilometers to the main road.  This meant taking clothes, food and water on our backs and walking all day. I usually wear my Thermohair on special occasions. This time I got more than just good wicking and warmth. Although my friends had the high tech gear, their feet were covered with mean blisters. But not mine. With ordinary water boots and no insoles, the odds were clearly against me. But I was the only one that had blister-free feet at the end of this long day!  Besides magic, my only explanation for this blessing are my silky soft, highly cushiony Thermohair socks!  These socks made my day, and they’ve been doing it for years now!

Thanks to everyone at Thermohair for making such a quality product!

André Rozon - Quebec City - June 2017


I had the most amazing experience this past August and September. I had the opportunity to try Thermohair socks during the Victoria Strait expedition which discovered the Erebus, a ship from Sir John Franklin’s expedition. The trip was pretty good but your socks are awesome! Rob was kind enough to give me a pair of Thermohair socks to try out. they are really amazing. It was great to meet Rob and share a pretty unique adventure with him. During that trip I was guiding kayaking and did some standup paddle boarding. I was in a drysuit with your socks inside and neoprene booties on the outside. Despite the cold temperatures of the ice filled Arctic ocean and sometimes, howling winds our upper bodies stay quite warm while we’re active but it is hard to keep our feet warm, especially standing on ice or in the water on an SUP. I’ve been wearing them this fall for paddling, skiing and other outdoor activities and will take them with me to Antarcitca this winter. Not only are they warm, they are super soft and comfy and real treat to wear. You have a great product and I wish you best luck with them. I’ll be calling soon to order.
Mark Scriver - Ontario Canada - November 23, 2014

I'm a first time raw mohair buyer, and I'm really glad I found Thermohair. Theresa and Jeremy were helpful and communicative every step of the way, but the most notable surprise was the quality of the locks; just perfect, quite clean, uniform length, gorgeous. I bought one pound each of kid and yearling and they both are excellent fiber. I will be a repeat buyer for sure. thanks again.

Arno Lowi - Toronto, ON - June 3, 2014

I absolutely LOVE your Thermohair socks. Working in a kitchen as a chef for (sometimes) 12 hour days, my feet are hurting and throbbing by the end of the day when I am wearing (regular) socks. What makes life bearable is your Thermohair socks! My feet feel like they are in a very happy place when I am wearing your socks, enveloped in a warm, soft, cushiony environment. In fact, my feet seem to anticipate the warmth and comfort as I am about to put them on!

I have also suffered from cold feet for many years and wearing your socks keeps them warm without feeling sweaty or uncomfortable. I purchased a pair of black anklet style Thermohair socks over 7 years and they are still in great condition and last year I purchased another three pairs of Thermohairs. I have told all my friends and family about your socks and guess what they will be getting for Christmas this year? Thermohair socks!

Deborah Robillard - August 27, 2012

Hello Theresa,

My husband and I met you (or a representative??) at the Ball's Falls Thanksgiving Festival this year, and we bought a pair of the mohair socks from you, for his upcoming hunting trip in November. My husband was a bit skeptical, as he has bought many pairs that always claim to be the warmest, or that will wick the moisture away, etc....but he decided to try a pair and see if your claims were right. You gave him a [Thermohair Branded] pocket knife, as well at the time, and away we went with a pair of socks.

Well, he came home from his hunting trip and raved about his socks, telling me how they really are the best he has ever owned, and how they actually left his feet warm and dry at the end of the day. He wears them most of the time now.
So I would like to order 2 more pair for him as 'stocking' stuffers for Christmas.


Jakki Harrington - November 2011

I first bought your socks for my sons about 3 years ago at the Guelph Craft show. They were quite taken with the socks, so I bought myself a pair last year. Since I was unable to go to the show this year, I have just ordered 4 pair online. I cannot image going a winter without these socks. They are easy to care for and do not retain foot odour. I will definitely be ordering more in the future.

I love my mohair socks!!

Also, I read your history. Good for you for keeping the development and manufacturing of these products in Canada and Ontario!

Thank you again for making such a superior sock.

Janice Disher - November 2011
These are the most magnificent socks. I work on films and often have to endure long hours in bad weather and now I would panic if I did not have these sock to cushion and coddle my feet. I have bought pairs for stunt men, cinematographers, grips and others who all rave about the comfort and warm. They are like no other socks and I am now happy to have found you on the net and know that I never have to be without them. Thus ends my first love letter written with socks in mind.

Anne Wheeler - Vancouver, BC - December 14, 2009

My original four pairs of your socks are still going strong after ten years, and I've given lots of pairs to friends as gifts. I think it's time to get some more, as all my other socks are wearing out or have been darned multiple times. As a hiker, climber, and ski tourer I find Thermohairs blow the doors off any other sock I've tried, and I've tried a lot.

I've never had a blister in a pair of Thermohairs, even after a 16-hour day in the mountains, and no other sock is as nice to put on on day four of an extended trip.

Thanks for these excellent products!


Erik Frebold - Vancouver, BC - November 28, 2009

Writing to someone about a pair of socks is not something I imagined I would be doing, especially not a pair of wool socks as I normally hate the things. But here I am, writing to extoll the virtues of Thermohair socks.

I bought a pair of your socks in Wakefield, Quebec over the week-end and simply love them. In fact, I bought two pairs, intending them to be gifts.
I tend to be overly sensitive to wool and even a soupçon of wool in anything makes me itch as though in a patch of poison ivy. But, I am also cursed with cold feet and everyone knows that you simply cannot sleep with cold feet. A pair of cotton socks over a pair of cold feet changes nothing: you find yourself with cold feet inside cold socks....but, unable to resist the possibility that your socks might finally bring relief, I slipped on a pair and....your socks are divine! They itch not at all and my normally ice-cold feet can luxuriate in the soft, cozy warmth of your wonderful socks.


My feet thank you. My partner, who no longer has to bear the shock of freezing toes seeking his warmth, thanks you
For Christmas, I am going to treat myself to a blanket.

Claire Fowles - Ottawa, ON - September 22, 2009

Good morning Jeremy,

I am an owner of a small natural foods and apparel store, Sunnyside Naturals, in this small resort town of Kaslo, Eastern B.C. – at the foothills of majestic Rockies.
This Christmas a friend of mine gifted me with a pair of socks from your company. I was appropriately grateful, but winced somewhat – my skin is extremely sensitive and much as I would LOVE to wear woolen things, can never do it while directly touching skin, or I’ll go into “itch” and reaction in no time. {Quite a drag, considering that I live in a “skier’s heaven”, surrounded by National Geographic view of snow-capped mountains and deep blue lakes…
Then I looked at your info folder and decided to put them on, if only for the love of creatures so sweet and cuddly… And then – I went to heaven. I started walking on clouds . I did not take them off whole day - no reaction, no itch, no scratching – just bliss!
What can I say –‘ thank you’ is such a small reflection of my profound admiration for this product. Do you know what that means from someone living big part of a year in an average minus 20 degrees country, with allergy to standard wool on skin condition? And trust me, I’m far from alone!

Slava - Kaslo, BC - February 10, 2009

I purchased my first pair of ladies socks a year ago in Charlottetown, PEI. My exercise of choice is walking, so I am always on the look out for good socks, especially socks that are warm enough to wear in my sneakers for winter walking (in Nova Scotia).
I am allergic to wool and can't wear it against my skin, so I wasn't sure if I would be able to tolerate these socks or not. The salesperson assured me that they weren't itchy when worn.

What a wonderful surprise! They don't itch and they are so incredibly soft and warm - my feet are never cold.
I have been telling everyone about your socks! A friend recently purchased 2 pairs from the same PEI store for her husband who is a welder and is outside most of the time. I hope that he loves them as much as I do.
Thanks for making a wonderful product.

p.s. I loved seeing the pictures of the goats

B.C. - Nova Scotia - February 7, 2009

Dear Theresa,

I have four pairs of your Thermohair socks, including two pairs of the lime green ones. I have a problem with them.
The problem is that after having worn a pair of Thermohair socks, if I put on a pair of regular socks, I feel totally let down. They’re not nearly as comfy. Not as soft. Not as warm. When I wiggle my toes, I do not get the feeling of being ‘hugged’ by my socks. Thermohair socks make my feet happy and that makes me happy. Regular socks suck. Now what am I going to do when summer comes?? No socks, I guess.
My dad feels the same way about his thermohair socks.

Thanks so much for your time,

Diana Cooper - Victoria, BC - December 14, 2008

In 2007, my sister-in-law, Sharon who constantly spread the word about your socks, placed an order for the thermo socks without elastics for my father, who had leukemia and was taking chemo. He loved these socks, as did my mother, so more were ordered by me in November 2007.
I want you know that from the first time he wore your socks to the day he died, Friday, August 8, 2008, he wore them everyday. They were the only socks which comforted and kept his feet warm those many days when he was in pain. He had so much to deal that anything which soothed him was of great importance.

On behalf of my husband, myself and our family I would like to say "THANK YOU".


Sigrid - Woodbridge, ON - August 14, 2008

I wanted to compliment you on your socks. They are the best socks I have ever received or worn. I gave them to my son and he swears by them when working out in the cold. He just ordered three pair from your web site. Can you tell me if there is store in the Kitchener-Waterloo area that sells your socks?

C. McGill - Waterloo, ON - January 29, 2008

Hi, I just wanted to thank you so much for making your wonderful socks available. I have muscular dystrophy and I have very poor circulation in my feet therefore they are always cold. Nothing but a hot bath warms them up even in August! A friend of mine told me about your socks a suggested I try them, I have to admit I was very skeptical because I have bought a lot of "warm" socks and nothing has ever worked. I have had cold feet for many, many years and have just learned to accept it as the way I am and carry on but all of that has changed now. I tried your socks and they are amazing, my feet haven't been warm in years, I really didn't think they would work but was I wrong! I love them and so do my feet, that you and your Angora goats! They are the best socks I have ever owned and I don't want to take them off.
I can't wait to try your therapeutic socks and your mitts!

Karen Larocque - January 22, 2007
Your socks are the best! They're the softest, warmest...an ideal shroud of happiness for feet! As such, I'm giving the two pair included in this order to my parents for Christmas. Thanks!

Chris Sukach - Smyrna, Delaware -December 18, 2006

Hi Theresa,

I bought a pair of your socks at the Cranberry festival in Bala a couple of years ago and liked them so much I bought 2 more pairs. I wore the 3 pairs all winter, nothing else (socks I mean!) and they are still going strong. My feet are almost always warm now, which didn't happen with any other socks or combination of wick inner sock and wool outer sock. So I am definitely one of "the converted" about your socks.

Ellen Titus - October 22, 2006

Dear Theresa:

I thought I should drop you a line about an unusual adventure your socks have recently had.
I am a scuba diver, with a Dive Master rating. This spring I acquired a dry suit, a special, heavy duty exposure protection garment that enables me to dive deeper, longer, and colder in the chilly water of the Great Lakes and Atlantic.

Dry suits require that divers wear undergarments that are thermally efficient, comfortable, and compressible. I have experimented with a wide range of footwear for extreme cold-water diving, including neoprene, fleece, and a range of synthetics. My search for the perfect sock stopped when I tried a pair of your mohair stockings. They combined warmth and comfort perfectly: no other footgear has worked as well as the “Mohair Solution”. This is what dry suit divers have been waiting for!

With gratitude for a summer of delightfully warm and comfortable dives,

Terry Rudden - September 2006

Hi Theresa,

Thanks for the information, I actually bought some of your socks back in 1997 and they are very durable and warm too. I would be wearing them for just general use, but with some hiking occasionally.


Greg Grantham - Australia - May 17, 2006

I was on a newsgroup site when some guy asked whether any of us got stuck with socks for Christmas. I responded that I did and they were my favourite present. As a rule I try on every article of clothing I receive as a gift. When I tried on my Thermohair socks I purred. "This is like a trip to the spa'' Truly a remarkable feeling.

Thank you for your continued efforts in putting forth a wonderful product.

Mark Barker - February 3, 2006

I have tried many socks over the years. High tech, low tech and everything in between. I spend a lot of time in the winter on snow shoes, snow machine, and ice fishing and nothing compares to these for comfort and dryness. We live up north in a little town called Longlac. We are 3 hours northeast of Thunder Bay where winter temperatures are routinely around -25 to -35 C.

Tim Griffin R.P.F. - Longlac, ON - November 28, 2005


Your socks are fabulous, working outside in the cold even with rubber boots my feet don't get wet and cold. They are comfortable when working on concrete as well. My wife Pat uses them too and has warm feet for the first time in her life. We were introduced to them by Jack O'Hara (my Dad) and haven't had them off other to wash and dry since. We look forward to trying some of the other wonderful products you provide.

John and Pat O'Hara - Port Severn, ON - May 25, 2005

I bought these socks last year at the Calgary Art Market and gave them to my Dad, who has extreme problems with cold feet. He wears them to bed and absolutely swears by them. My Mom can hardly get them from him to wash them! When I went online and saw your selection of other socks, I decided to get him the extra heavy socks for work as well.   He called me at work to see where I got his socks as his sister, who is 85 and just been hospitalized, is suffering from cold feet and he wanted a pair for her.

Thank you for getting them out to me so quickly.

Merry Christmas

Laura R. Henuset - Calgary, AB - December 11, 2004

My name is Leon Felts, I just placed an order for a pair of extra heavy thermohair socks. I would like to add an additional pair of 11-12 for a friend if that is possible. These are absolutely the best socks that I have ever had for hunting in cold weather and I want to give him a pair for Christmas.


Leon Felts - Decatur, AL - December 11, 2004

Thank you so much for the call this morning. It is so nice to run into someone who actually cares about what they do for a living!! I ran into your company about 5 years ago at the Winnipeg Christmas Craft Show in the convention center, and now have 5 (6) pairs of socks myself, and have supplied friends and family with them too. And your gift boxes are lovely ... I am a diabetic and couldn't sleep at night because my feet were so cold - until I found your therapeutic socks!

Thanks Again

Pam - Churchill, AB - December 9, 2004
Thanks for your recent letter and brochure. I can't live without your socks! Great to find a company that really produces an excellent product (sitting at my computer with a pair of your socks on).

Best wishes,

Phil Youngman, Ottawa, ON - October 8, 2004

Your socks are great! I had the warmest feet in Antarctica.

Susan Morton - February 24, 2004

I received a pair of your mohair socks for Christmas last year. I am a lobster fisherman in Nova Scotia working long hours during the winter months and often getting very cold feet. The mohair socks are the warmest socks I have ever owned! This year I received another pair of socks as I had nearly worn out the first pair. They are a great find!

Chris Hopkins, Nova Scotia - January 5, 2004

Dear Theresa,

During my summer vacation in August, I noticed your mohair socks for sale in a general store in a small town near Perth, Ontario. I cannot wear wool - I find it itchy and hot - but was intrigued by the soft, luxurious feel of your socks. The saleswoman assured me that your socks would cure my daughter's "always cold" feet and my "tired, aching" feet. Well, I splurged - a pair for myself, daughter and husband. We opened them on Christmas day, and, WE WILL NOT take them off our feet! They offer warmth and a soft massage all at the same time. I can't wait till you reopen on Jan. 5 so that I can order more. What an amazing product!

Best wishes for 2004,

Paula Pritchard, Perth, Ontario - December 28, 2003

Theresa I am 58 and have spina bifida and also Post Polio. I have suffered with cold feet for years and this winter has been tough. I remembered that a friend gave me a pair of your socks a couple of years ago and I did not know what I had. So about a month ago, while searching in my drawers for warm socks, I pulled out your socks and started to wear them. I have been amazed!! I have had toasty warm feet through all of this cold. I have put them to the test. getting them wet and still they are warm!!! I am a wellness coach and work with people who could benefit from your socks. What would it take for me to become one of your retailers? I have told so many people about your socks and I would like to be able to provide them with socks. Thank you for doing what you do. You have made my life a whole lot more comfortable.

Sharon Leach - March 12, 2003

I wanted to share with you an experience I had last Christmas while visiting my family in Manitoba. It was long after we had turned in for the night when I heard something that sounded like bath water running in the main bathroom. I got out of bed to see what it was and found my Grandmother who is 86 years old soaking her feet in the tub. I am a nurse and have worked extensively with the elderly. When I saw her seated on the edge of the tub with her feet in what looked like very hot water I quickly went to check the water temperature, and assist her. She told me her feet were so cold that they are painful. I dried her feet, helped her out of the bathroom and took out the ankle length Thermohair socks I had bought her for Christmas even though it was a few days early. She got back in bed, and I put the socks on her feet and massaged them a little. I checked in on her about a half hour later and she was sound asleep. I just want to thank you for making such a wonderful product, and highly recommend to anyone who suffers from circulatory problems to consider your socks.

Judy, Kemptville, ON - February 11, 2002

I am a die-hard customer of your socks. Since childhood, I have never had warm feet due to the fact my feet are always "sweaty", in hot or cold weather conditions. Later in life, I have acquired circulation problems, and with your Thermohair socks, worn both in summer and in winter ( in Manitoba, Canada), my feet do not endure extreme temperature changes, but seem to stay a constant cozy, and warm despite any sweating or lack of extremity circulation. I now give them as gifts to my friends who only have to say, "My feet are always cold", and they own a pair in no time. Thank you for making my feet and life happy, cozy, and warm forever. I only wish your socks could be purchased at a retail outlet in Winnipeg, Manitoba, as I have to wait for the Annual Craft Show to "stock up" and shop for myself and friends.

Anita Moyse - December 2001

My father suffers from poor circulation and complains of chronically cold feet. Although he has tried every pair of socks, including battery operated warming socks, to help warm his feet, he has had no success. Last year I purchased a pair of Thermohair Socks for him thinking that even if they didn't keep his feet warm, they were soft and would be comfortable. Much to my amazement, they worked! He says that he has never worn such a comfortable and warm pair of socks in his life. Now, however, my mother is the one complaining. He refuses to take them off, even to wash them! She has to wait until he's sleeping to remove them. Apparently this has caused a bit of dissention in the house.
I'm very grateful that I found you at the craft sale this year. I've purchased another couple of pairs for him in the hopes that he'll be less reluctant to remove them to wash them. Hopefully now, peace will reign in their household once more. Dad will have several pairs of clean socks to wear and Mom won't have to hold her nose any longer.

I plan on keeping your brochure handy. If one of the pairs get destroyed (and I sincerely hope that this won't happen), then I will have a way of replacing them ... quickly.

I thank you for these socks ... as well as do my parents. They are a great product.

Sharon Leblanc, Sudbury ON - November 2001

I have accessed your web site and by the way your socks have been to Alaska on my feet as well as to all those other places listed on the site. I do a lot of outdoor winter hiking; and as I said before, the socks are superior in warmth, lightness, softness than anything I've ever tried and I've bought many products over the years......They are undoubtedly the best outdoor socks that I have ever run across...

Ruth Hunt, Lakewood, Ohio - March 2001

I have just purchased my 3rd pair of Thermohair socks. I love them! I am outside quite a bit during the day come rain or shine ... or in the case of Calgary ... come chinook or blizzard and everything in between. I usually pack 2 or 3 extra socks in my jeep or brief case because my feet sweat so much. However, with these socks, my feet stay warm, wet or not. I just had to fax and say thanks.

Cynthia Kay, Calgary, AB. - February 2001

I am a curler, Secretary of a Curling Club, and I also write a newspaper column on the sport. Mohair socks are my secret weapon! I have problems with one of my feet, ever since a motorcycle accident in my high school days. I don't have complete movement of my foot, and as a result, it freezes. I use the very finest curling shoes, with fleece lining, and have tried all kinds of insoles, and socks. But last year I bought some Mohair socks and Wow ! They keep my foot warm

Brent Harrison - August 2000

I can't begin to tell you how good your wonderful socks feel - I had foot surgery a couple years ago. The mohair socks in my Birkenstocks are so very comfortable I can stand and walk in perfect comfort

Doris Eakon, New Minas NS - February 2000

My mother gave me a pair of thermohair socks for Christmas and I wore them for the first time last night on my daughter's birthday party sleigh ride in -25C Winnipeg weather-I put them to the test! I have suffered from Raynauld's disease for many, many years - I am a healthy 38 year old woman who has never smoked, exercises rigorously and often, and feels excellent except that my hands and feet during the winter months especially turn "chalk white" and generally freeze within minutes .............. Last night on the sleigh ride, I was definitely the warmest person on the ride including my feet! It was only at the end that my feet started to feel cold. I could have sold dozens of your socks to the others on the ride!

Gaelyn McGregor - January 2000

My father has tried the Thermohair socks, and is very impressed. He says they are very warm, and he has very bad leg circulation.

Pauline Stanley, Markham ON - January 2000
I have had a pair of your socks, that I have been wearing for about 5 years now and finally have gone through the bottom of them.

Hillie, Wellandport, ON. - January 2000

I think you folks made the finest and warmest socks I'll ever own! I got them for Christmas from my Mom... My Dad says they keep his feet so warm even his ears stay warm!

Tory Russell, Whitehorse Yukon - January 2000

We are dog sledders in Northern BC, and received your mohair socks for Christmas, and just want to tell you how awesome they are! It is so nice to have warm feet when it is -35C out.

Denise Linley, Farmington, BC. - January 2000

You cannot imagine how happy I was to watch the Venture CBC program featuring your company and THE SOCKS!! Let me tell you why ... About 4 years ago I bought your Thermohair socks as Christmas gifts for everyone on my list because we live in Northern Canada where "Forty below" has real meaning ... everyone LOVED THEM!! They became THE sock of choice and were the best gift I had ever given. Anyway, when I went back to the little gift shop where I purchased them, they had no more of the socks and the store had a new owner who had no idea what sock I was talking about and probably thought I was a little crazy to be so determined to get exactly those socks ... my search has continued and I have never found them again ...... until your appearance on Venture!!! I am in desperate need of purchasing socks ... as the snow falls and Christmas approaches!! My family will be so delighted to receive another pair of socks ... just when they had given up!!!

Linda Black, Fort McMurray AB - October 1999

I have nerve damage in my feet caused by chemo treatment for cancer, but your socks make my feet feel great - especially on long steep, 10 mile hikes & on bike trips

David Jackson, Sedona, AZ - June 1999

Thank you again for the wonderfully warm long lasting socks. May more people with cold feet discover them.

Ivan Roy, Ottawa ON. - January 1999

I have ridden my snow machine from Tuk, Alaska to Dawson City ,Yukon for the last 4 years to purchase your socks at the Wild & Wooly store. These 4 trips have been made in February with temperatures ranging from 0 to -45 F. Your socks always keep my feet happy, warm, and toasty.

Beverly Goad, Copper Center Alaska. - December 1996

With my Thermohairs on, my feet were never cold! When heart transplant patient Len deMille first handed each of us a pair of thermohair socks before we left for The Mount Logan Expedition for Heart, we all thought these might be yet another piece of expendable gear we would be dragging up 19,600 feet in the Yukon. As we packed up equipment for the 2 hour flight from Kluane Lake up onto the icy Quintino Sella glacier at 8,000 feet several of us debated leaving our thermohair socks behind. We considered the high altitude, arctic environment we were headed into, and since warm feet were likely to be an important factor in deciding the fate of the expedition, we eventually all decided to bring them along. None of us regretted the decision for a second. Since the thermohairs did not leave one with the itchiness of conventional wool socks, some members of the team used their socks inside their climbing boots. I decided to pamper myself with the socks" warmth and softness. One of the most pleasant and anticipated moments after an exhausting days' climb came when I stripped off my ski boots and changed into my soft and ever so warm thermohair socks. Tramping around every morning and evening doing chores in the snow with these socks inside my camp booties I never had cold feet. I even slept with them on because even in high quality sleeping bags such as we had, your toes can never be warm enough when it is -3- degrees Celsius. My thermohair socks look and feel as good after our one month long expedition as that day Len came smiling up to us at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute with a bundle in his hands. I would not hesitate for a second in recommending these socks to anyone contemplating a mountaineering expedition, winter camping, skiing or even anyone just looking for warmer feet.

Robert Grondin, Christian Otto 1996 Mount Logan Expedition for Heart

Dear Dr. Davies

I am enclosing some information on some unusual and extraordinarily warm and comfortable socks made using the mohair fibres from Angora goats. Knowing your interest in research I felt you might find this interesting, particularly from a therapeutic point of view.
During my check-up with you on Dec 16, 1994, I explained that my feet were always cold and that I was experiencing more frequent and greater swelling of my ankles, particularly my left foot. On examining me you confirmed that the circulation in my left foot was not as good as to my right foot. Your advice was to keep my feet as warm as possible.

I have many kinds of socks made with all wool or in combination with other materials but the only way I have been able to keep my feet warm is directly from a heater or while in bed. On January 14th, my sister gave me a pair of these Thermohair socks for my birthday. I have been wearing them ever since and they are absolutely amazing. They are extremely comfortable, non-binding, even after repeated washings, and my feet are always warm ...

Letter to Dr Richard Davies, University of Ottawa Heart Institute from Bill Spurrell, Ottawa ON - February 1995

These socks are great! I do long distance running and horseback riding - my toes have never been so comfy & toasty

Catherine Hoffman, Toronto, ON - January 1993