Welcome To The Farm

Bottle Baby Angora Goat

Creep Feed

Angora Kid

Angora Kids Eating At The Grain Feeder


Angora Bucks In Pasture

Angora Bucks In The Barn

New Born Angora Kid & Mother

Angora Kid Having A Nap

Angora Kids In Pasture

Angora Kid Nursing On Mother

Angora Kid

Our Great Pyrenees Protects The Angora Goats & Kids

Great Pyrenees and Angora Goat Kids

Saving Newborn Kid From Hypothermia

Baby Goats Staying Warm Under A Heat Lamp

Keeping Guard

Before Goats Are Sheared

Goat Being Sheared

Freshly Sheared Goats With Guard Dog

Sheared Goats

Sheared Goats

Raw Mohair From Angora Goats

Dee with the dogs and goats.

Theresa with Buddy (puppy) and goat.

Buddy 9 months old.

Buddy 9 months old.