About Us & Thermohair Socks

The development of Thermohair socks began in 1990, becoming available 
in Canada in November, 1992. The story is covered on the "In the Beginning" page. Thermohair socks are made of 75%/25% kid mohair/nylon yarn. Kid mohair is sheared from the kids during their first year of life. It is the finest, softest, most luxurious of the mohair grades. Only one-million pounds of this high-grade of fibre is produced worldwide each year.

This fibre is referred to as the "Diamond Fibre" because of the rarity and strength; it is as soft as cashmere, yet wears out the stainless steel components in knitting machines! So, what makes kid mohair ideal for socks? The mohair is very soft and comfortable. Furthermore, there is minimal friction against your feet making these socks ideal for blister-free trekking. If that's not enough, mohair is a highly-insulating fibre - meaning your feet are protected from the cold and sub-zero outdoor weather. They have even been tested at both poles and on every major peak - including Mount Everest.

Whether wearing steel toed boots, playing in the cold outdoors or scuba diving, these socks will keep your feet warm.  Cold feet due to illness? These are for you.  Thermohair socks are the most durable sock you will ever wear! There is not a tougher, natural fibre that can take the continual foot rubbing that occurs when you walk - some customers have worn their socks for nine years. The max is twenty! The bottom line is simple:  these socks will outwear anything else you've ever worn.  

Mohair wicks away moisture, holding water many times its weight without your feet feeling wet. Many men appreciate how long the socks can last without being washed - seven days or more without an odour!  Lonnie Dupre of Grand Marais MN wore these socks for 6 months to circumnavigate Greenland by dog sled and sea kayak in 2000 - there weren't many laundromats on that trip!

These are a green product - created "green" before it was a common word!  The goats efficiently convert plants into mohair fibre which is sheared twice per year. No other animal does such an efficient job!