Mohair is the fleece that is sheared twice a year off the Angora Goat, which originated in the Angora region of Turkey. This breed was first imported into the United States in 1849, where it was used to clear brushlands for eventual agriculture use. During the Yukon gold rush, they pulled sleighs while providing meat and cloth to the prospectors. There were Angora goats in Canada at the turn of the century, but interest waned and the breed disappeared. In the early 1970's, some were again imported from the United States, and they are still with us today.


 The goats are very efficient ruminants which make use of rough pastures and brush by eating grass and leaves, turning it into hair protein. Mohair is therefore a natural fibre that is an environmentally friendly renewable resource. The hair grows 1" per month with adult does (female goats) producing 15-20 pounds and bucks (male goats) 25-35 pounds of mohair per year. Mohair is renowned for its warmth, strength, lustre, durability, and easy care, making it an ideal fibre for your feet. It is not a wool and is fully machine washable.


The socks trademarked under THERMOHAIR are made of kid mohair, which is the first hair sheared from the young kid. This particular hair is very fine and soft, the most luxurious and expensive of the mohair grades. The finished socks are knit in a looped sequence for cushioning, and are blended with 25% nylon for stretch. THERMOHAIR socks are especially insulating for those working or sporting in the cold outdoors. They are ideal for contractors, hunters, fishermen, linesmen, skiers, skidooers, skindivers, hikers, etc.  The men's tweedy grey are slightly heavier than the other colours, suitable for work boots and loose footwear.  These are available in natural white, charcoal grey, tweedy grey, navy blue and black for all sizes.   In Men’s XXL we have black or grey only.


 There is a line marked therapeutic for people who have cold feet, resulting from various health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. These have no extra elastic at the top, allowing an unrestricted blood flow to the feet.   Available in natural or all grey exterior with natural interior.

 Our ankle socks have been developed for wear in running shoes and open toed sandals. These are also widely worn as bed socks!  Our ankle socks are available in natural white, grey or black.

Regular Style Socks:
Therapeutic Socks:

$29.00 to $34.00 / Pair
$29.00 to $34.00 / Pair
$20.00 / Pair


  Our sport socks are a thinner version of our regular socks.  They are made with a finer yarn and have half terry cushioning. They fit nicely in regular footwear. An added feature of spandex above and below the ankle to keep the heel in place.  They are available in all sizes, in natural white, navy or black.

Sport Socks:

$24.00 to $26.00 / Pair


  Our ski socks are a thinner close fitting knee sock with half terry interior and spandex above & beneath the ankle for a good fit.  They are available in all sizes, in natural white, charcoal grey or black..

Ski Socks:

$33.00 to $36.00 / Pair


  From toddler size 11 to a child's size 2, these socks are made with the same yarn as our original adult Thermohairs with the addition of spandex for super stretch to allow the sock to grow with the child.  Available in natural, charcoal or black.

We also have child 3/4 in charcoal only.

Child Socks (Size 11 to 2):  
Child Socks (Size 3 to 4):  

$20.00 / Pair
$25.00 / Pair


  Our cast sock can come in different patch style colours. Helps keep your feet and toes warm while in a cast.

Cast socks are made to order.  Please call or e-mail to order cast socks.

Cast Sock:

$30.00 Each


  Our leg warmers are made with the same material as our Thermohair Socks. They are currently available in natural white or black for adult sizes.  We also have black in children sizes (approximately 7 to 12 years of age).

Leg Warmers - Natural White or Black- Adult Size
Leg Warmers - Black - Child Size

$29.00 / Pair
$20.00 / Pair


 Thermohair Inc. is a fully Canadian company that originally developed, manufactures, and markets THERMOHAIR socks across North America. The first socks were sold in November 1992 and the business has expanded since then mostly through word of mouth of satisfied customers. THERMOHAIR socks have now been worn to both poles, across the Himalayas, to the top of Mt Everest, Mt McKinley, Mt Logan, and in 2000 Kilimanjaro. Lonnie Dupre of Grand Marais, Minnesota wore them to circumnavigate Greenland, a trek that lasted from January to June 2000. THERMOHAIR is now worn by active outdoor types as well as people with Raynaud's disease, heart disease and diabetes. Their comfort and durability is unsurpassed. There's no other sock like them!

Joey Whittaker - Kilimanjaro


Other Products

Felt Soles - $15.00 / pair

Made with 60% mohair and 40% wool. To cushion and insulate the bottom of your feet.

Ladies sizes are 2.5 mm thick. Thin enough to fit in shoes.  Ladies felt soles come in sizes 5 to 10.

Men sizes are 4 mm thick.  Thick enough to be comfortable in hiking shoes and work boots. Men felt soles come in sizes 6 to 12.

Blankets & Throws

Standard Colours - $220.00
Custom Colours - $240.00

Queen size 50% mohair / 50% merino wool woven blankets in a generous 78" X 104".  Luxuriously warm for those cold winter nights.

Our standard colours are:  natural, burgundy (cranberry), navy blue, dusty rose, forest green, milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

If you prefer a different colour, we can customize the order for you.

Standard Colours - $95.00
Custom Colours - $105.00

Same blend and weave as above, measuring 48" X 78".

Our standard colours are: natural, burgundy (cranberry), royal blue, navy blue, dusty rose, forest green, rusty red, chocolate and teal.

If you prefer a different colour we can customize the order for you.

Sock Piece Throws - $200.00 Each

Mohair throws from sock pieces, cut up in rectangles, serged together, and then dyed to order.   Luxuriously warm and cozy for those cold winter nights.

Due to the complexity of ordering Sock Piece Throws and the amounts of colours available, this item will need to be ordered by e-mail or phone only.

Toques or Scarves - $38.00 / Item

Knit with the same 75% kid mohair / 25% nylon yarn used in our Thermohair socks to keep the top end of you as warm as your feet.

Toques are a double layer of rib knit, with single layered matching scarves.

Colours in natural, black, tweedy grey, charcoal grey, dark brown or navy.


Finally…mitts made with a Thermohair liner.

The outer cover of black polar fleece cuts the wind, while protecting the cozy inside, and a strip of kid hide on the palm prevents slippage on the steering wheel of a vehicle. Available in black only.
($60.00 / pair)

We also have mitts with all  leather exterior.
($95.00 /pair)

Already have a mitt and just need a liner? We have white or black mitt liners as well. ($35.00 / pair)


Goat Milk Soaps - $5.00 Each

Now made by Thermohair with our own goat milk.

No detergents or harsh ingredients.

Great for delicate sensitive skins.

Four different varieties to choose from in 4 oz bars:

  • Unscented
  • Lavender
  • Calendula
  • Lemon Grass & Carrot

Greasy Mohair

Kid Mohair:  $15.00/Pound

Yearling Mohair: $10.00/Pound

Adult Mohair:  $5.00/Pound

Due to the complexity of ordering Greasy Mohair, this item will need to be ordered by e-mail or phone only.

* Shipping rates for greasy mohair is based on volumetric weight and geographic area.


Shipping rates have changed. Please see our “Mail Order” Section for details.