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Special Order Products

The following items cannot be ordered online due to the nature of the products.
These items are not offered at wholesale pricing. 

Sock Patch Throws ($200.00)

Dyed Coloured Regular Socks ($30.00 to $35.00)

Dyed Coloured Ankle Socks ($20.00)

Dyed Coloured Sport Socks ($24.00 to $26.00)

Dyed Coloured Ski Socks (Regular: $30.00.  On Sale: $17.00)
Limited Sizes & Colours Available

Dyed Coloured Children Socks ($20.00)

Cast Sock ($20.00)

Greasy Mohair (Kid:  $20.00/Pound, Yearling: $15.00/Pound, Fine: $12.00/Pound, Adult:  $9.00/Pound)

If you are interested in these items, please call 1-877-766-4247 to place your complete order.  Different shipping rates apply for greasy mohair.